The Three Fields

The Three Fields was NOT Allocated for development in the Draft Local Plan. However, there is still a long way to go before the Plan is adopted in two years time, and there is pressure on Dudley to find additional sites to meet its development needs during the lifetime of the plan. For this reason we urged local residents to support our application for a Local Green Space designation for this site.

For background, you may like to read our full Application for the designation of a Local Green Space.

And our comment on the Reg 18 public consultation which was held Sep-Oct 2021 can be read here.

A Community Group for the Three Fields is being set up. The group is hoping to work with Dudley council to improve the site for nature, with the establishment of a wildflower meadow and better management of the hedgerows for wildlife. It is hoped that there will be opportunities for volunteering as well as arts and ecologically-themed events to be held on the site in future. If you’d like further information or to join in, please
Contact this group in the following ways:

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