Three Fields Survey


We need to demonstrate that the Three Fields Site is of value to the local community. To be successful in our application for a Local Green Space (LGS) Designation for the Three Fields Site, we need to provide evidence to demonstrate that The Three Fields is “Demonstrably special” to the local community, and of the land’s “value to and use by the local community“, having “significance for recreation, perhaps through the variety of activities it supports, and be of value to the community.” Also that the site be of value for its Beauty and for its Tranquillity. It is in this regard that we are now asking for help from members of the public.

In order to do that we are asking local residents to complete a Survey and email their responses to us.

For the purposes of the LGS Designation the “local community” for a site of the size of the Three Fields is defined as being within 2Km of the site (1.25 miles). i.e. within the following areas: Norton, Oldswinford, Wollaston, Stourbridge Town to the West of the Ring Road (known as the “Old Quarter”), and Westwards towards Stourton.

We will submit the results of our Survey along with our completed application for Local Green Space Designation for the Three Fields to the Planning Department of Dudley Council. Please see further background information here: Three Fields Campaign


You do not need to respond to all of the questions, only ones that you feel apply to you. Please write as much or as little as you like. There is space at the end for any other supportive comments. Please remember to include your full name and address in your responses. Our privacy policy can be found here.  Thank you for your help.

If you are not a visitor to the Three Fields Site or do not live within the locality as described above, but would still like to support our application for a Local Green Space Designation, please consider sending us a Letter of Support.

Survey Questions:

1. Your visits to the Three Fields: “Local to the community it serves“.

How close to the Three Fields do you live, how do you usually travel to the site (by car, walking, etc.), and how long does your journey take? Please include the name of the street on which you live. Please also tell us how often do you visit the Three Fields, and how long is your average visit? For how many years have you been using the site?

2. How you use the site: The Recreational Value of the site:

What do you do at the Three Fields? Please tell us if you enjoy walking, exercising, walking the dog, passing through to another location e.g. Little Iverley Covert, spending time with friends or alone, enjoying the views or nature. Please list all that apply and feel free to write as much as you like.

3. The Special Nature of the site: Recreation, Beauty and Tranquillity:

Please tell us how important and special the Three Fields is to you. In particular we would like to hear of your views on the Beauty and Tranquil nature of the site. What would be the impact to you of losing access to the site? How important do you believe the site is to the local community?

4. Any Other Comments:

Do you have any other comments on the Value of the Three Fields to the local community, and why you think it should be protected from future development?

Send your responses to us at:

Please remember to include your full name and address.

A note on privacy: Please use your full name and postal address when responding. Your name and address will be passed on to Dudley Planning Department alongside your comments. Your personal details will not be used for any other purpose, and will not be shared for any other purpose nor be publicly visible. Please read our Privacy Policy here.

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