The Three Fields

A “Local Green Space Designation” for the Three Fields, Norton

Our application to have the Three Fields designated as a Local Green Space has now been submitted to Dudley Planning. Thank you to everyone who wrote in to support our application, or who filled in our Survey. The information you supplied was crucial to our application, and we were able to use quotations from many of your emails in our application document, which you can read here:

>>> Three Fields LGS Application (redacted) <<<

The LGS Application appears on the new “call for sites” map as Site ID: 10511 and a brief description of the application appears here: Three Fields

We also note that while the site was originally put forward by the local council for potential future development, this has now been withdrawn and the site is indicated in red and crossed out on the list of sites here (page 12).

What can you do now?

The next stage in the LGS application process will be that Dudley planning will consider the information we submitted in support of the designation. Successful applications will go forward to the public consultation on the Local Plan. This consultation will take place in Summer 2021, and we urge you to sign up to the consultation on the official site. In the meantime you may like to write to your local councillors to tell them you support our application.

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Summary of our Application:

A Local Green Space (LGS) Designation would show that the Three Fields is valued highly by the local community, and demonstrate that it deserves to be protected from development other than in “exceptional circumstances”. The criteria for a LGS Designation are set out in Paragraphs 99-101 of the National Planning Policy Framework and can be read here under Government Guidance. There is also a useful summary provided by the Open Spaces Society.

The Three Fields meets criteria for Local Significance:

Recreation: The Three Fields is of great importance to local residents of all ages, offering them an easily accessible area for informal recreation which has been enjoyed for over fifty years. The site is very popular with walkers, cyclists, and people using the site for fitness and as a ‘green gym’. The site forms part of a green corridor which allows walkers to access the wider countryside. It is used by dog walkers, and encourages a sense of community amongst the elderly and socially isolated. It is very popular with children for informal recreation, the playing of games, and for nature study. The site has been used in the past for organised social activities such as bonfires, and could be used in the future for similar events, and by local schools and community groups in activities related to the local natural environment.

Beauty and Tranquillity: The site is of local significance because of its beauty, having a 360 degree panoramic view which includes Clent Hills and the Malverns. It is possible to see both sunrise and sunset from the site, as well as the stars at night, due to a lack of light pollution. The site is rural in character, with views over surrounding countryside and to nearby woodland. A tranquil site, it offers a place of peace and calm on the edge of Stourbridge. Its mature hedgerows and trees are filled with birdsong, and it is attractive to a number of wildlife species including bats, hedgehogs, bees and other pollinators. The site is of importance for the physical and mental health benefits of local residents who enjoy spending time in this peaceful, green environment.

Historical Importance: The site has local historical importance, being sited alongside a historic boundary line along the local ridge which has been important for over a thousand years. Locally important landscape features (a continuation of the Wollaston ridge dykes) probably lie within the boundary of the site. The open nature and location of the site allows archaeologists and local historians an opportunity to study history in the landscape, and it has value as a site which could be used to teach local history in schools. We are very fortunate in having the support of a local historian who has already prepared a full Historical Report on the Three Fields. 

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