Green Belt Threat

A number of sites within Norton, Pedmore and Cradley have been put forward as part of the ‘call for sites‘ which is part of the Black Country Plan (formerly known as the Black Country Core Strategy). The Strategy is undergoing a review of development needs to take it up to 2036. As part of this development review, local landowners were asked to submit sites for potential future development.

Timetable for the Black Country Plan (Jan 2020)

A Revised Timetable for the Black Country Plan has now been published. The public consultation on the Draft Plan is now timetabled for Autumn 2020: Details of the Timetable

A Frequently Asked Questions document has also been published. This answers questions and comments frequently raised by the public, such as “why are we looking at sites in the green Belt?” and”when can I have my say?”: Frequently Asked Questions

Key Documents (Jan 2020)

The following links take you to key documents in the ’emerging evidence’:

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