Further documents

Please see the Dudley Borough Summary for a summary of the Allocated sites, a sites map, and Dudley’s guide to the Consultation process.

Key Documents:

The Main Draft Plan Document

Black Country Plan Site Assessment Report (how sites were assessed for Allocation)
Appendix A: Dudley (Location maps and site assessment tables for all sites, Allocated and Unallocated/rejected)

See also the Draft Policies map and an interactive map of the Dudley sites

Dudley Consultation Documents and supplementary material:

These can be found by scrolling past the video on this page: Draft Black Country Plan 2039 (Regulation 18) Consultation
Documents include the following of relevance to the Green Belt:
. Draft Black Country Plan (Regulation 18) consultation document – Aug 2021
. Draft Black Country Plan consultation FAQs (includes sections 4. 5 and 6 on removing land from the Green Belt)
. Draft Black Country Plan Sustainability Appraisal (and Appendices)- July 2021 (contains section on Cultural heritage and Historical and Archaeological Areas, Landscape sensitivity (2.2.9 – 2.2.11), and the Green Belt (Section 2.2.6 – 2.2.8), Climate change mitigation (2.4), Noise pollution (2.7.5 – 2.7.7), Transport and Accessibility (2.9)

Further background documents:

The following webpages contain links to documents that are referred to as Evidence in the Local Plan, you can’t comment on them, but may like to refer to them in making your comments:

Housing Evidence base:
This contains all the background documents on Housing including:
. Dudley SHLAA (2019)
. Black Country Urban Capacity Reviews
. Black Country Housing Market Assessment

Green Belt Evidence base:
This contains all the background document on Green Belt assessment including:
. The Black Country Green Belt Study
(which compares areas of the Green Belt against the five functions of the Greenbelt to assess their contribution, and assesses the ‘harm’ that would be caused by removing them from Green Belt)

Black Country Landscape Sensitivity Assessment
. includes policy, methodology, maps, and summary of findings

Dudley Landscape Sensitivity Assessment:
This is an Landscape assessment of each site in Dudley’s Greenbelt:
. Landscape Area Reference BL15 (Racecourse Lane to Pedmore) from p. 38
. Landscape Area Reference BL16 (Pedmore/Wychbury into Wollescote) from p. 42
. Landscape Area Reference BL17 (Cradley) from p. 48
. Landscape Area Reference SL1 (Three Fields, Clent View Road) from p. 68

Environment Evidence Base:
This includes:
. The Black Country HLC Final Report (Historic Landscape Characterisation)
. An Ecological Evaluation of the Black Country Green Belt
. Strategic Flood Risk Assessments

Please see also the Local Plan Evidence Base
And ‘Dudley Local Plan‘ page.

Nature Conservation:
. includes Birmingham and Black Country Biodiversity Action Plan, and Geodiversity Action Plan
. and links to Local Conservation Organisations
See also: Nature Conservation Supplementary Planning Document

Parks and Green Spaces Strategy (Adopted 2009):
. an assessment of the existing quantity, quality and public accessibility of Dudley’s parks and green spaces. See next section for more up to date reports:

Local Plan Evidence (Open Spaces)
. Dudley Open Space Review (2019)
. Site Proformas (all Dudley open spaces) (2019)
. and Individual reports on a number of sites including Foxcote Lane and Racecourse Lane

Black Country Air Quality:
. Black Country Air Quality Supplementary Planning Document

Dudley’s Travel Plan:
. includes travel plan for cycling and walking

Note: Those not online can find copies of all documents at a number of Council offices and local libraries, see this page

The Wildlife Trust has produced a thorough guide to commenting on in the public consultation, which can be found here: Black Country Plan Consultation

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF):

Note from the Draft Consultation Pages: “Please note that: The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was revised on 20th July 2021. The Black Country Draft Plan and associated documents were all approved for consultation at the four Black Country Authority cabinets on 5th and 7th July 2021. The consultation documents therefore do not take account of the revised NPPF and will be considered as part of the next stage of plan preparation.”

Links to NPPF 2021 and 2019:
Revised NPPF (2021) (section on Protecting Green Belt land is Paras 137-151)
NPPF (2019 revision) (under which the Black Country Draft Plan was prepared)

Government guidance on preparing Local Plan
Debate on the NPPF definition of sustainability

Historical Reports and Articles by Kevin James:

The Historical Landscape of Stourbridge’s Green Belt (PDF)
Addendum to the above, Feb 2021 (PDF)
Response to Historic Landscape Characterisation Study (PDF)
The History in our Green Belt (Blackcountryman article) (PDF)
Stourbridge’s Ancient Heathland (PDF)
Kingswinford Ridge (PDF)
Historic green belt walk “Beating the Bounds” ( leaflet: PDF)
Kevin James main site for more articles

NEW: Historical and Archaeological Context of Worcester Lane sites (PDF)

NEW: Stapenhill, Bells Mill and Oldeforde: Historical context of two potential development sites near Wollaston, Stourbridge (PDF)

Disclaimer, please note: The information on these pages has been compiled by concerned local residents to the best of our ability. We do not have expert planning knowledge. We strongly advise you contact Dudley planning to confirm any information, and for any further help you may require.

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