The Draft Black Country Plan 2039 (Regulation 18) Consultation is now live
You can comment/submit representations until the deadline of 5pm on 11th October 2021

We have created the following pages to help you make your comments/submissions:

Very quick guide
A guide for those who just want to comment on:
. allocated sites in Stourbridge (Wollaston Farm or Worcester Lane)

. For a quick guide to commenting on Unallocated sites, see the Three Fields page.
. For information on commenting on Greenbelt protection, see bottom of our Making your Comments page.

How to submit comments
A step-be-step guide to:
. submitting via the Online Consultation Portal
. submitting via the Comments Form
. submitting a joint/group response or petition

Making your comments
This is a more in-depth guide to:
. objecting to sites which have been Allocated for development in the Draft Local Plan
. supporting the protection of Unallocated/rejected sites (those not put forward for development
. Commenting on Policies in the Draft Local Plan
And also contains:
. helpful hints on the kinds of comments to make
. information on how and why particular sites were selected (the R-A-G system)
. page number references for all sites in each ward in the Technical Document (Appendix A – Dudley)

Further documents
This contains:
. key information those who wish to comment on policies
. links to the Evidence Base used in the preparation of the Draft Local Plan
. links to further information you may find useful in preparing your comments/representation
. link to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

Help and assistance
This contains:
. links to contact details for Black Country Plan at Dudley Planning department
. link to the Local Campaign Groups page
. how to find your local councillors

Disclaimer, please note: The information on these pages has been compiled by concerned local residents to the best of our ability. We do not have expert planning knowledge. We strongly advise you contact Dudley planning to confirm any information, and for any further help you may require.

To suggest edits or additions to this page please email us