Clent View Road

Fields opposite Clent View Road in Norton are at risk of potential future development. The site is listed as #280 in the “call for sites” and can be seen on the Black Country Map. It has been suggested that 400 houses could be built on this site.

What actions can you take?

Action required before 5pm on Thursday, 12th December 2019: 

Object to South Staffordshire Council’s Spatial Housing Strategy before 12th December

The site opposite Clent View Road Fields straddles the border with South Staffordshire. This authority is in the public consultation phase of its Local Plan, and residents of Dudley can comment on their proposals.

What you can comment on: “We welcome your views on the strategy options and the supporting Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) which sits alongside the Spatial Housing Strategy. You can also comment on the supporting studies which include the Green Belt Study, Landscape Study and Sustainability Appraisal.” (South Staffs Spatial Housing Strategy)

Guidance notes to help you comment: Guidance notes to help you compose your comments to South Staffordshire have been compiled by the action group at Save Clent View Road Fields: Download these notes from the link below, which also contains information on where to send objections. Deadline 12th December:

In addition, you may like to refer to material relating to the Historical Landscape, which has been compiled by Kevin James. See Section 2: The Western Region of the report which can be found here: Historical Landscape of Stourbridge Green Belt 

If you require further assistance, either contact the Clent View Road Fields group via the link above, or email us at the address below.

Fields opposite Clent View Road, Norton, Stourbridge

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