Western Orbital

May 2018: Threat from re-emergence of Road Scheme:


A resurrection of the “Western Orbital” or “Western Strategic Route” has been reported in the press, prompting some local concern:

Controversial motorway bypass plans revived

Say no (again) to the Western Orbital road

Martin Stride, speaking for Friends of the Earth in Birmingham said: ‘ This wasteful motorway will do nothing to solve traffic congestion and will cut a swathe of destruction through the countryside which will wreck large parts of the Green Belt. It is a complete dinosaur of a scheme whose time has come and gone. The plans should be consigned to the dustbin once and for all .’

See this document for some background information:
Midlands Connect Midlands Motorway Summary Report

Page 9: Defines the Western Strategic Route aka Western Orbital.
Page 12: Suggests this route scores well against their measure for transport infrastructure.
Page 14: Plan would enable delivery of 42,000 more houses as part of the Black Country “garden villages”.

As there is no public consultation on this at present, we would suggest that those concerned about the possibility of development contact Margot James, or Andy Street to express their views: 

Margot James: website and email – twitterFacebook

Andy Street: website and email – twitter – Facebook

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