Here are the questions posed to us by researcher Charles Goode. There is accompanying material which you may like to read. We would be happy to receive responses to any or all of the following questions, or any general comments, at our email address below before the end of Sunday 5th May. Many thanks to all of you who participate.

Feel free to add comments which you don’t feel fit in with any of these questions.

1. To what extent do you believe that the West Midlands Green Belt around Birmingham has been a successful policy overall?

2. Given how currently unaffordability housing is in England and the West Midlands, why is there so much opposition to land being released from Green Belt at Stourbridge and generally in England? Also, would you say that your opposition is related to the land being Green Belt per se or perhaps it being in open countryside?

3. Obviously you are opposed to Green Belt development but how would you solve the housing crisis, i.e. to what extent do you feel that the housing crisis can be by urban intensification/ brownfield development, especially when there is also often opposition to urban intensification? Moreover, how far do you think that people’s housing aspirations, especially the desire of families for homes with gardens, can be accommodated in housing development on brownfield land? Also, is it fair to existing residents of urban areas to allocate all housing growth there? Or do you accept that some greenfield and/or Green Belt land has to be refused to solve the housing crisis?

4. Under the current planning system, each local authority (or authorities in a joint plan) have to meet their own housing need. Do you feel that having a more regional approach to planning would be a better way to plan/ manage the Green Belt?

5. Given that you are opposed to housing development in the Green Belt, how would you like to see a 21st century Green Belt? Do you think that it could be used more for recreation/community farming for example?

6. How could housing development be improved in this country? What sort of things would you make you less opposed to housing development or would you say that your opposition is more connected to the principal of housing development?

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