Campaign Groups

The public consultation on the local plan will be held in Summer 2021. As this date approaches, new campaign groups are being set up which will aim to inform the public of the process, and encourage public engagement. Those formed so far are listed here:

Save Clent View Road Fields:

A group to oppose any future development of Clent View Road Fields has been set up. Their webpage can be found here: Save Clent View Road Fields and the Facebook group is here: Save Clent View Road Fields.

Save Racecourse Lane Fields:

A campaign to oppose development on Stourbridge Golf course and the fields alongside Racecourse Lane. Follow the group on Facebook for more information: Save Racecourse Lane Fields.

Friends of Wychbury Hill:

A group to campaign for this site which is important geologically and historically as well as for wildlife. The webpage can be found here (link to be added). Join the group of Facebook: Friends of Wychbury Hill.

Keep Pedmore Green:

A group set up to highlight threats to the green belt in Pedmore, in particular the Bromwich Lane site. They can be found on Facebook: Keep Pedmore Green and on their website at: Keep Pedmore Green

About Us:

Save Stourbridge Green Belt is an independent website run by a group of Stourbridge residents.

Our aims are:

  • to raise public awareness of threats to Stourbridge’s Green Belt.
  • to inform local residents by providing links to publicly available material.
  • to encourage participation in public consultations, relevant petitions and in contacting those in public office, thereby supporting the democratic process.

Contact us: