Three Fields Campaign:

We have launched a campaign to have the Three Fields site, Norton, Stourbridge, designated as a “Local Green Space”. Find out about this campaign here: The Three Fields Campaign.

What are the Current Threats to Stourbridge Green Belt?:

1. Many hectares of Stourbridge Green Belt under threat of development following a ‘call for sites’ as part of the Black Country Core Strategy Review:  More information and actions you can take on this issue.

2. The idea of a Western Orbital Bypass or Western Strategic Route has once again been proposed. The probable route would run close to Stourbridge: More information and actions you can take on this issue.

3. The OSH proposal for a Free School in Norton has been put on hold. Read our update here:  Free School for Norton put on hold.


1. Attend your Local Community Forum where you can ask your councillors about development threats. The forums are held at local venues, and there is also an online forum. Timetables and venues can be found here: Dudley Community Forums

2Contact your Local Councillors to let them know your concerns about the development of Stourbridge Green Belt.

3. Register for updates on the Black Country Core Strategy Review via an e-bulletin: HERE

4. Sign our petition Dudley Council Protect Stourbridge Green Belt

5. Sign up for our email newsletter.

Above: Local response to the question: “do we need to release some areas of green belt land to meet our future development needs?” (data from 2017 Public Consultation stage of Black Country Core Strategy)

About Us:

Save Stourbridge Green Belt is an independent website run by a group of Stourbridge residents.

Our aims are:

  • to raise public awareness of threats to Stourbridge’s Green Belt.
  • to inform local residents by providing links to publicly available material.
  • to encourage participation in public consultations, relevant petitions and in contacting those in public office, thereby supporting the democratic process.

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