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REGISTER NOW for the public consultation: follow the link to Black Country Plan Consultation Database.

Local Plan – Key Maps and Site lists:

Map: Call for sites Main Map (2021)
List: Call for sites list of sites (2021)

Where is Dudley’s Green Belt? (map)
Dudley Brownfield Site Register
Defra Magic Map


Local Plan – Key Websites:

Black Country Plan
Dudley Local Plan 
Black Country Core Strategy Review Update


Local Plan – Key Green Belt Documents:

Black Country Urban Capacity Review (Dec 2019)
CPRE response to Urban Capacity Review (Mar 2020)

Green Belt Assessment Summary 

Links to all ‘Green Belt’ documents
Links to all ‘Environment’ documents

Historic Landscape Characterisation Study (HLC) (large)
Ecological Evaluation of the Black Country Green Belt (large)

Response to HLC study (K. James) (PDF link)

Black Country Green Belt Study (Sep 2019)

Landscape Sensitivity Assessment for Dudley:
Main report

Evidence base for South Staffs (for Clent View Road Fields)

Alterations to Designations of Nature Conservation Sites (Dudley Cabinet 17.12.20):
Main document

Historical Reports and Articles by Kevin James:

The Historical Landscape of Stourbridge’s Green Belt (PDF)
Addendum to the above, Feb 2021 (PDF)
Response to Historic Landscape Characterisation Study (PDF)
The History in our Green Belt (Blackcountryman article) (PDF)
Stourbridge’s Ancient Heathland (PDF)
Kingswinford Ridge (PDF)
Historic green belt walk “Beating the Bounds” ( leaflet: PDF)
Kevin James main site for more articles

Dudley Council and Planning:

Dudley Statement of Community Involvement (2017)
Council and cabinet meetings, committees, timetables
Find my local councillor
Check for new Planning Applications in Dudley (map search)

Planning information:

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

Government guidance on preparing Local Plan

CPRE ‘Vision for Planning’ (Jan 2021)
CPRE response to the Government’s National Planning Policy Framework consultation (CPRE, May 2018)

Protect your Local Sites:

Ancient Tree Inventory (Woodland Trust) (public can add trees)
The Hedgerows Regulations 1997 (criteria for ‘important hedgerows’)
Local Green Space designation (Open Spaces Society)
Protect your Local Fields (Fields in Trust)


Issues of Housing Need:

Live Government data on dwelling stock 

Action on Empty Homes – facts and figures (data on Empty Homes)

CPRE ‘State of the Greenbelt’ report 2021

Do not destroy the Black Country Green Belt Key Report on Urban Capacity and Green Belt Material (CPRE Feb 2020, not currently available online)

How ‘land promoters’ exploit legal loopholes at the expense of communities and the countryside (CPRE, Mar 2018)

Better Brownfield (CPRE Mar 2015)

Tackling the UK Housing Crisis – is Supply the Answer? (Report, 2010)

Young People and Homelessness Factsheet (Shelter, 2005)
Addressing complex needs: improving services for vulnerable homeless people (Shelter, May 2015)
Needless demand: How a focus on need can help solve the housing crisis (CPRE, Sep 2017)

Why building more homes will not solve Britain’s housing crisis (Guardian, Jan 2018)

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Save Stourbridge Green Belt is an independent website run by a group of Stourbridge residents.

Our aims are:

  • to raise public awareness of threats to Stourbridge’s Green Belt.
  • to inform local residents by providing links to publicly available material.
  • to encourage participation in public consultations, relevant petitions and in contacting those in public office, thereby supporting the democratic process.

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