Responses from our supporters to Survey questions posed by Charles Goode:

Relevant Articles and Links to Research:

Maps and Sites:

Black Country Core Strategy Call for Sites Main Map
Map: Areas of Dudley which are currently protected Green Belt
Dudley Brownfield Site Register

Green Belt and Brownfield:

Enough Brownfield available to build One Million homes (CPRE, Mar 2019)

Just 1 in 10 homes built on Green Belt ‘affordable’ (CPRE, Oct 2019)
Brownfield sites developed six month faster than greenfield sites (CRPE Mar 2016)
Better Brownfield (CPRE Mar 2015)
Green Belt Myths Lots of data and information (CPRE)
State of Brownfield 2018 (CPRE)
Further CPRE Reports

Issues of Homelessness and Housing Need:

Tackling the UK Housing Crisis – is Supply the Answer? (Report, 2010)

Young People and Homelessness Factsheet (Shelter, 2005)
Addressing complex needs: improving services for vulnerable homeless people (Shelter, May 2015)
Report: over 216,000 properties in England empty for more than six months (Empty Homes, 2018)

Live Government data on dwelling stock (Government documents)
Needless demand: How a focus on need can help solve the housing crisis (CPRE, Sep 2017)

Other Articles:

West Midlands bucks national trend to show strong growth in house building (WMBC, April 2019)
Why building more homes will not solve Britain’s housing crisis (Guardian, Jan 2018)


Government NPPF website
CPRE response to the Government’s National Planning Policy Framework consultation (CPRE, May 2018)
How ‘land promoters’ exploit legal loopholes at the expense of communities and the countryside (CPRE, Mar 2018)

Green Belt Review and Dudley Council:

Dudley Local Plan
Black Country Core Strategy
(Includes Responses to questions on the original Public Consultation of 2017)
Black Country Core Strategy Issues and Options Consultation
Cabinet Meeting Agenda 27 June 2018
Black Country Core Strategy Review Update
G. L. Hearn – Greater Birmingham Strategic Growth Study
Appendices to Hearn document