What is the threat to Stourbridge Green Belt?

Many hectares of land on Stourbridge Green Belt have been put forward for potential future development in the “call for sites” which is being carried out as part of the Black Country Plan. This plan has to be compiled in order to identify sites for future housing and other development. There will be a public consultation on the plan in Summer 2021.

For background, please see the main site for the Black Country Plan

See also the Summary of the Green Belt Assessment for the Black Country. In which it is claimed that:

“… evidence produced to support the current Black Country Plan has demonstrated that exceptional circumstances now exist to justify a review of the Green Belt. This is because the Black Country Plan covers the period up to 2038, and the amount of development land needed by this date is so large that it is unlikely that all of it can be provided within the urban area of the Black Country and other areas alone.
“Therefore, a Green Belt Assessment has now been produced to give the Black Country Authorities a detailed picture of individual areas of Green Belt as part of the evidence needed for the Black Country Plan. The assessment will help the Black Country Authorities to understand if there is any suitable land within the Green Belt, which, after further detailed assessment and consultation, of other relevant evidence, could be put forward as an option for removal from the Green Belt for development.”

The Public consultation stage of the Draft Plan is now timetabled forĀ Summer 2021: Details of the Timetable

What can you do?

As the Public consultation approaches we will need to be informed and ready to respond to the consultation. Members of the group are working on what actions we need to carry out going forward. In the meantime you should:

Register in advance to take part in the public consultation:

Register here Scroll to bottom and click on e-bulletin, just below where it says “To keep up to date with the latest news on the Black Country Plan”

Further actions you can take now:

Join one of the local campaign groups which have been set up by local residents.

Join our email newsletter to keep up to date with events.

Follow our regular posts on Facebook and (less regularly) on Twitter

Read up on key documents to keep yourself informed.

Sign our petition asking Dudley council to do all it can to protect the green belt.

Further Actions you can take:

Contact your Local Councillors to let them know your concerns about the development of Stourbridge Green Belt.

Attend your Local Community Forum where you can ask your councillors about development threats. The forums are held at local venues, and there is also an online forum. Timetables and venues can be found here: Dudley Community Forums (not being held currently, 2021)

About Us:

Save Stourbridge Green Belt is an independent website run by a group of Stourbridge residents.

Our aims are:

  • to raise public awareness of threats to Stourbridge’s Green Belt.
  • to inform local residents by providing links to publicly available material.
  • to encourage participation in public consultations, relevant petitions and in contacting those in public office, thereby supporting the democratic process.

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