Latest Update (Oct 2021):

The Public Consultation (Reg 18) on the Draft Black Country Plan is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted comments to the consultation. We now await the outcome.

Save Stourbridge Greenbelt produced a Group Response to the Draft Black Country plan, which you can read here.

We also submitted a Local Green Space application for the Three Fields, Norton, which you can read here.

We also submitted a petition calling on Dudley to do all it can to protect Stourbridge greenbelt. The petition was signed by just under 4,500 local residents.

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Please note: If you are concerned about the Wollaston sites, Clent View Road Fields, or the sites around Ridgehill Woods and Wall Heath, you should additionally register to take part in the South Staffordshire Public Consultation.

Earlier updates (July 2021):

Which sites are affected? Please click on the following links to view the Draft Consultation Document, as well as the accompanying Map which shows the affected areas at a glance.

As it stands, the sites at The Three Fields, Clent View Road, Racecourse Lane, Pedmore Lane, Bromwich Lane, Oldnall, Foxcote and Lutley have not been allocated for development in the current version of the draft plan. However, part of the Wollaston Farm site (site DUH217) and an EXTENDED area around the proposed Worcester Lane site, Pedmore (sites DUH206, DUH207, DUH209) have been allocated for development. Currently 3% of Dudley’s green belt has been put forward for development.

What Can I do now? Find out the reference number and location of your local site, and contact the relevant Local Campaign Group. A list of Campaign groups, and which sites they are concerned with, along with contact details for each group, can be found on our Campaigns Group page at the link above.

Background in brief:

Why are they considering building on the Green Belt? Local Authorities have to provide an up to date Local Plan which shows land available to meet government targets for housing and other development. Dudley needs to demonstrate, by law, that it has sufficient development land to last us until 2038. The targets mean that a massive amount of land has to be found for future housing, and it has been calculated that there is insufficient brownfield and other sites to meet local needs for future development:

“… evidence produced to support the current Black Country Plan has demonstrated that exceptional circumstances now exist to justify a review of the Green Belt. This is because the Black Country Plan covers the period up to 2038, and the amount of development land needed by this date is so large that it is unlikely that all of it can be provided within the urban area of the Black Country and other areas alone.”
“Therefore, a Green Belt Assessment has now been produced to give the Black Country Authorities a detailed picture of individual areas of Green Belt as part of the evidence needed for the Black Country Plan. The assessment will help the Black Country Authorities to understand if there is any suitable land within the Green Belt, which, after further detailed assessment and consultation, of other relevant evidence, could be put forward as an option for removal from the Green Belt for development.” – taken from the Summary of the Green Belt Assessment for the Black Country

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