UPDATE: 6th JULY 2021.

The first version of the Draft Black Country Plan has now been made public. This outlines the sites which Dudley are currently putting forward for development. This draft is only the first stage in the preparation of the Local Plan. There are many stages and ahead before the plan is finalised in two years time.

The draft plan was approved in a meeting of Dudley cabinet on 5th July 2021. Please click on the following links to view the Meeting Details and Draft Consultation Document, as well as the accompanying Map which shows the affected areas at a glance. The meeting was broadcast live and a recording of the meeting is available here.

During the meeting it was announced that the public consultation will run for 8 weeks, beginning in August. Please see below for details on how to sign up to take part. Currently 3% of Dudley’s green belt has been put forward for development. The council criticised the method used by the government to forecast future housing need which is forcing local authorities to find an inflated amount of land for future development. Leader of the council Patrick Harley stressed that it was important for members of the public to submit informed comments during the public consultation, which would enable the council to prevent further loss of the green belt, given that there is still a predicted shortfall in land available to meet the government’s targets, even taking into account all brownfield, and calls on nearby authorities to help in a ‘duty to co-operate’.

Which sites have been allocated? As it stands, the sites at The Three Fields, Clent View Road, Racecourse Lane, Pedmore Lane, Bromwich Lane, Oldnall, Foxcote and Lutley have not been allocated for development in the current version of the draft plan. Clearly this is encouraging for nearby residents. However, part of the Wollaston Farm site (site DUH217) and an EXTENDED area around the proposed Worcester Lane site, Pedmore (sites DUH206, DUH207, DUH209) have been allocated for development.

The Public Consultation on the draft plan will begin sometime in August and will run for 8 weeks. Bear in mind that developers and landowners can also make representations at the consultation, and will undoubtedly continue to pressure our local authorities to re-instate their particular development proposals. It is therefore crucial for every resident who cares about our Green Belt to submit their views.

Even if your local site currently appears to be safe, things can change dramatically between now and 2023. We really can’t afford to lose any more of our historic and ecologically-valuable green spaces which have proved so important to residents wellbeing during the pandemic.

Please register your interest in the public consultation here:

Alternatively you can also register your interest by emailing: blackcountryplan@dudley.gov.uk
or by letter to this address: Black Country Plan, Planning & Regeneration, 4 Ednam Road, Dudley, DY1 1HL

You will be contacted by planning in due course, either by email or letter (depending on your preference), and informed where copies of the Draft Plan and proposals maps will be available to view. Copies will be available on the council website, in reception areas of main Council buildings, and main libraries, subject to Covid-19 restrictions.

As consultation events will be limited, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Principal Planning Officer has announced that members of the public will be able to phone Dudley council and speak to a Planning officer to discuss the consultation, and hear how comments will be made. If necessary, planning will post a copy of the Draft Plan summary document to enable them to provide comments. Additionally, residents can book an appointment to meet with a Planning officer in person in one of the Covid-19 secure Council premises.

Further information and background can be found on the main site for the Black Country Plan, and details of the timetable can be found here: Timetable

Our Documents page has links to all the Local Plan documents as well as other reports and information which residents can use to inform their representations. It will be updated with further useful information during the public consultation period.

You may also sign up to our email newsletter to receive updates.

Background in brief:

An assessment of our green belt has been carried out because it has been calculated that there is insufficient brownfield and other sites to meet local needs for future development:

“… evidence produced to support the current Black Country Plan has demonstrated that exceptional circumstances now exist to justify a review of the Green Belt. This is because the Black Country Plan covers the period up to 2038, and the amount of development land needed by this date is so large that it is unlikely that all of it can be provided within the urban area of the Black Country and other areas alone.”
“Therefore, a Green Belt Assessment has now been produced to give the Black Country Authorities a detailed picture of individual areas of Green Belt as part of the evidence needed for the Black Country Plan. The assessment will help the Black Country Authorities to understand if there is any suitable land within the Green Belt, which, after further detailed assessment and consultation, of other relevant evidence, could be put forward as an option for removal from the Green Belt for development.” – taken from the Summary of the Green Belt Assessment for the Black Country

Local greenbelt sites put forward for development: Many hectares of land on Stourbridge Green Belt have been put forward by owners and developers in the “call for sites” which is carried out as part of the preparation of the Local Plan. There will be a public consultation on the plan in Summer 2021.

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